The European Commission has announced the impending publication of new Machinery Regulations, which are set to replace the existing Machinery Directive (2006/42/EC). With publication expected in July 2023, the new duties, which include both process and technical changes, would be imposed on manufacturers in January 2027.

The new Regulations seek to bolster the compliance requirements around new and emerging technologies including Artificial Intelligence, which have progressed substantially since the last full publication of Machinery Directive in 2006. The Regulations also align Machinery to the other ‘New Legislative Framework’ (CE marking) legislation, and bring about an extension to the types of Machinery that may be subject to Notified Body assessment, with the option for certification without Notified Body involvement removed entirely for a subset of the highest risk machine types.

kuiper certificering is delighted to support the industry in the transition to the new Regulations and will be holding a webinar for all existing clients soon to discuss the impending changes. If your organisation would like to be invited to this webinar, please contact us through the enquiry form on our website.