In February 2022, a new standard EN 280-1:2022 was published, covering the compliance of Mobile Elevating Working Platforms (MEWPs). This standard is intended to supersede EN 280:2013+A1:2015, which remains the current harmonised and designated standard for MEWPs. Until EN 280-1:2022 is harmonised and designated, EN 280:2013+A1:2015 will continue to represent ‘state-of-the-art’ for these machines, but to enable a smooth transition between the standards, kuiper certificering and amtri veritas are hosting a webinar to provide a briefing on the updates.

The new standard introduces several changes to the calculation methods and testing requirements, as well as some required physical modifications to some MEWP types. It is therefore important that manufacturers understand the updates that will be required to their machines and the associated technical files to ensure ongoing compliance in the future. The webinar will also cover our proposals for transitioning certification from EN 280:2013+A1:2015 to EN 280-1, and will provide an opportunity to ask us questions about this transition, or the new requirements of the standard.

The webinar will take place on Tuesday 5th September at 15:00 BST. Attendance at the webinar will be by invitation only, but all MEWP manufacturers will be welcome to attend. All our current clients will receive invitations shortly. If you represent a MEWP manufacturer and wish to attend the webinar, please contact [email protected] to request an invitation.